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hey people!
so, abot 100 persons heard my work on a midi piano, Dark World from A Link to the Past. and now I'm thinking about doing it "full version". In other words, my work is just the very first half. listen: /307408

see? it's incomplete. Now, for the question: should I wait some time to upload the new version, "full version"? Should I wait for about 200 views? and then, Should I upload the new version over the current one or should upload a new one? I know, I have no fuckin free will or smartness.
Well, please help me! thank ya! :D


2009-11-29 11:57:08 by Stickel3

amazing, huh? yaddah yaddah, Zelda, yaddah yaddah, Dark World, still MIDI, by ear, yaddah yaddah, go listen to it.
NOW. /291999

Horray for new submissions!

2009-11-19 19:58:23 by Stickel3

hooray indeed. yeah, uploading stuff makes me feel special. and this time, some Zelda. SONG OF STORMS!
yep, its MIDI, or whatever its called. once I find a way to record REAL sounds, Im gonna do it. who knows, may be better!

oh in case ya didnt notice it, Im focused in video game music. got any song ya want me to screw up?
well, I would apreciate it :D


what, you still here? GO LISTEN TO IT ALREADY!!! /289424

yay. I have a submission.

2009-08-05 01:07:07 by Stickel3

BUT WTF! doesnt even load. seems Im just a big fat friggin noob when it comes to this. meh


2009-02-26 18:43:46 by Stickel3

yez, I am levl 7 nowz!!!! yeahz!!!!


....I'm level 6 now.........YEAH!!!!!


people don't get interested by random stupid and senseless artist now........BUT I WANT TO SCREAM/ WRITE THE STOOPID THINGS I WANT TO!!!!!!!! YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!

why don't YOU do the same?!

I AM HAPPY!!!!..........not exactly........screw it, just wanted to commemorate this rly important date, when I finally contributed for sumethin' in Newgrounds, the best site eva!!! HAAAAAAAPIIIIIINEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!